Productions tools

We have all the tools we need to provide our services:

Hand tools

  • Files, scraping tools, steel brushes, deburring tools, sandpapers, sanding sponges


Optical tools

  • Conventional magnifying glasses or lenses with light

Sorting Pro    Sorting Pro


  • We use calibrated gauges for regular measurement operations – torque wrenches, digital callipers, angle gauges, sliding rulers, micrometres, protractors, etc.
Sorting Pro
Sorting Pro
Sorting Pro

Safety equipment (PPE)

  • We are fully responsible for the health and safety of our employees, who are equipped with PPE in accordance with regulations

Our machinery

  • We have all necessary machinery such as grinders, hot-air blow guns, AKU screwdrivers, belt grinders, hand screwdrivers, sandblasting machines etc.


  • We sandblast plastic and metal components. The dimensions of the sandblasting chamber are 1200mm x 450mm, which makes it possible to sandblast parts in sizes from 30mm up to 500mm. Sandblasted parts are always cleaned afterwards