CNC Machining

We offer

  • CNC Machining
  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Wire-Cutting
  • Your staff training

Your staff training

We can train your CNC machine operators (lathes, millers, wire-cutters) according to your requirements, optionally also including essentials of CNC machine programming in CAD/CAM.

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Our CNC machine equipment:

We have the most advanced technologies in the field of machining including CAD/CAM software. We offer machining of materials ranging from plastics to the hardest metal/stainless materials on milling machines, lathes and wire-cutters. We manufacture both small-scale and large-scale production lots. 


2x CNC turret lathe

  • 2 255 mm Maximum length of machined part
  • 620 mm Maximum machined diameter


1x CNC turret lathe

(driven tools, bouncer)

  • 520 mm Maximum length of the machined part
  • 360 mm Maximum machined diameter


1x 4-axis vertical machining centre

  • 1 350 mm axis X 
  • 650 mm axis Y
  • 635 mm axis Z


1x CNC EDM Wire-cut

  • 400 mm axis X
  • 300 mm axis Y 
  • 220 mm axis Z