Sorting Pro - sorting and quality services

Our company focus on controlling service within automotive industry.

The main services we provide are visual controls, measuring, repairs, functioning controls, finishing works, extra work and quality management service and consulting. We supply positioning of our employees directly to assembly lines.  Our operators are able to maintain rework of parts under leadership of skilled foremen.

Making illustrated instruction lists and training plans has become our standard. We offer our skills for any kind of partnership in the automotive industry, for example customization, developing process of prototypes and implementation of serial production. We are able to handle provided services internally or at the customer, or abroad. Our employees are bilingual and well organized. Employees are equipped according to customers need.


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Velice Vám děkujeme za vzájemnou spolupráci v uplynulém roce 2015 a přejeme Vám, abyste na začátku Nového roku načerpali dostatek síly, která Vám pomůže uskutečnit všechn...

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