Equipment for work

We dispose of equipment fully equal for maintain services provided:

Hand tools

  • raspers, hacks, steel brushes, universal debourring tools, sand papers, sand sponges


Optical tools

  • clasic maqnifying lenses or lenses with light


  • we use calibrated measures for common measuring of length - momentum keys, digital calipers, micrometers, protractors, rulers etc.

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Protective work accesories

  • we are fully responsible for health and safety of our employees who are equipped with protective accesories in accoradnce with rules and laws.


  • we are equipped for the work we quarantee - we dispose of electric and air grinders, hot-air pistol, AKU screwdrivers, belt grinders, hand screwdrivers, sandblasting maschines etc.


  • we provide sandblasting of plastic or metal components, the dimension of sandblasting box is 1200mm x 450mm, possible dimension of sandblasted parts 30mm až do 500mm, cleaning of theese parts is standard.